Trustee Woog
I am proud to raise my family in Erie and have truly enjoyed all that it has to offer.  The schools, Recreation Center and parks have been fantastic for my children and my wife Rianne and I have enjoyed meeting many, many friends in this tight knit community.  I look forward to watching and taking part in many more great things to come to this award winning Town.

The parks and trails are what drew many of us here and the continued growth of these amenities is something I will remain focused on.  Business development must continue as this is the key to paying down Town debt.  As a local business owner, I have watched with excitement the energy and flow of new traffic in Downtown Erie.  I have witnessed steady growth which has created the need to maintain a tight budget by saving and investing for the future.  We must also continue to be competitive for commercial and retail 

businesses in order to build our tax revenue stream and to give our residents more options to work and shop.  As a Trustee, I have helped achieve this by supporting the development of the 123,000 sq ft King Soopers Marketplace on Highway 7 and will continue to help guide negotiations for responsible retail development throughout Erie.  The future has never been brighter for Erie, please vote for me to keep things moving in a positive direction!

Dan Woog has been a Trustee for over 2 years.  He lives with his wife, Rianne, children Anniston and Caden and dog Mack.  His children attend Aspen Ridge Preparatory school and the Wee School Preschool.  Dan previously served on the Erie Economic Development Council, Planning and Zoning Commission and as the Town’s liaison to the Denver Regional Council of Governments.  Currently, Dan and Rianne run a real estate firm located in downtown Erie.


  1. Maintain a high quality of life
    Maintain Parks, Trails, Open Space, Views, and Recreation Center amenities.  We must build the Erie Regional Sports Complex which will draw visitors and produce revenue for the upkeep of all Erie parks.  I will make this a priority as the upkeep of parks will become one of our biggest expenses.  We are proud of our beautiful amenities.  Let’s keep it that way!

  2. Retail/Commercial development
    Continue to guide staff on negotiations for more retail development and also create a plan to bring in a large primary employer.  We need daytime employment in Erie to keep our shops and restaurants thriving.  Create a friendly business environment in Erie, so more people can live, play AND work here.

  3. Maintain a balanced budget 
    We must continue our focus on paying down debt and maintaining a balanced budget.  The Town must be run like a successful business.  As an entrepreneur, I have the experience and foresight to continue instructing staff to invest YOUR money wisely.  Frivolous spending of your tax dollars is not an option.